Thursday, May 21, 2009

Great News From Nova Era...

Great news Nova Era Fans. We'll be performing all summer long at Downtown Disney!
For show dates, times and location, please visit:

Hope to see you there!


  1. Hello Nova Era...Just want to once again thank you for the wonderful music you provided for us and other fans at Downtown Disney. You were Fantastic!!! Perhaps the best part of it all was in actually meeting and interacting with each one of you. We hope to see you again when we come back in September. We will be placing an order for your CD collection this week. We are very much looking forward to it.

  2. I have been following you since I saw you on the shopping network QVC a few years ago. I bought all 5 of your CD's and then went back to the website and bought a couple more. I love, love, love your music and listen to little else. It is so inspirational and wonderful. I've told friends and family that if I am ever in a comma or ill that I want that music played continuously. I love it so much! God bless every one of you. You are all such great treasures and the music you provide inspires me so much to be a better woman. Love, pattie

  3. Does anybody know where they are playing?

  4. Hello Dear Nova Era!
    Lord Mozart here...
    but NOT at Downtown Disney!
    Security "kicked" me out >>> bummer.
    but I hope to keep in touch with you here at your beautiful website!
    Olga wanted me to find out what the devise she could use for her violin. I went to the Jean Luc Ponty website and this is what I found:

    Midi Violin: JLP plays a Zeta with the old VC-225 controller or the Synthony, connected to a sampler or a synthesizer.

    For live shows, JLP is using PARA ACOUSTIC D.I. a small preamp/EQ box that is also a D.I. made by L.R. Baggs, connected to the house sound board, and Lexicon reverb/delay.

    I miss watching you play and hopefully Disney will recind their decision to keep me away from Disney property (which was a misunderstanding).

    If you have some free time, please email at
    I would Love to hear what you are currently doing.
    Thank you, Christopher
    aka the Grand Smith Wizard
    aka Lord Mozart

    Take Care

  5. Nova Era is at same place fri sat nights cold weather has been keeping us away but hope to be there this weekend love to all aprildancer

  6. I was lucky to have seen you perform the 3 times I went to Downtown Disney this past March. You are amazing! I wish you would come to NJ...

  7. I became a fan years ago when Nova Era was at Epcot. Coming down 10/10. Hope you are at Downtown Disney.

  8. I just came across your Blog and am thrilled to know you've been playing at Downtown Disney. I wish I had known that last week while I was in Orlando but plan to make a special trip up just to hear you in Aug. I've been following you since 1997 when I first heard you performing in Italy at Epcot, Walt Disney World! I "think" I have all of your music but will make certain there's nothing I've missed. Maria, years ago I introduced myself and mentioned to you my Aunt's last name was the same as yours. It's a small world we live in. You ALL are the GREATEST.